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URL http://www.cichlidexpress.com
Description Hey, Welcome Aboard the Cichlid Express. You may probably know us by our 32 year old Daytona Beach storefront called Daytona Aquarium. On site we keep a HUGE variety of cichlids from Madagascar to South America to Lake Victoria and all in between. We not only keep cichlids though but also tropical fish such as tetras and not to mention we have a nice variety of Synodontis catfish. Hope you get a chance to check us out!
Category Commercial / Breeder / Seller / Cichlids
Owner Billy Wisker
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Tag cichlids, malawi, african cichlids, tanganiyka, mbuna, mbipi, tropheus, lake victorian cichlids, peacocks, haps, haplochromis, central american cichlids
Date Added December 31, 1969
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Cichlid Express

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