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Description These wonderful little purplish coloured Sea Snails from the sea shore are the perfect tank mates for your little Sea-MonkeysŪ or Sea Dragons, they can live together perfectly well. Why are Teeny Weeny Winkles like Sea-MonkeysŪ? Teeny Weeny Winkles love to sleep. In fact they are happy to stay asleep for as long as six months with out water! Teeny Weeny Winkles can be shipped literally anywhere because once they are asleep they are a bit like a seed in that they can tolerate much wider extremes of temperature, and dryness than other animals. These cute little snails love to clean your sea pets tanks of unsightly algae, its more than just fun you will also learn about them, their habits and see their wonderful cleaning behavior. When your Teeny Weeny Winkles arrive just plop them into your Ocean Viewer or bowl and watch them immediately come to life and begin feeding on the algae that grows in your tank. They work very hard cleaning your other pet's home and love to eat algae! In the Teeny Weeny Winkles kit you will get 10 cute little winkles, and a special nutrient pack to create the right conditions for them to grow and be happy. You also get the official care booklet for looking after your Teeny Weeny Winkles plus a guide to their feeding. This is your chance to have cute little Teeny Weeny Winkles as you're very own Sea-MonkeysŪ Janitors for cleaning the sides of their tank of unsightly wastes and algae!
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Little Aussie Products

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