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The Pond Shop
Link ID 3745
Title The Pond Shop
Description Online pond supplies store carrying everything you need to keep your pond or water garden running smoothly.
Category Ponds Water Gardens
Date Aug 26, 2013
Contact Name Nick Salvatore
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1. The Pond Shop
  Online pond supplies store carrying everything you need to keep your pond or water garden running smoothly.
Category:   Ponds Water Gardens

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1. Pond String Algae Control
  Blanketweed is in the form of algae. It grows in the presence of sunlight or when the pond is warm. So, proper need is to be taken. Thankfully, there is NBS VITE is there to control blanket weed with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.
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2. Hydrosphere - The Koi Pond Experts
  Your Complete Water Garden Centre. Quality Japanese, domestic & butterfly koi. goldfish, hardy and tropical waterlilies, lotus, marginal and floating plants, liners, pumps, filters, accessories. Expert advice.
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  Hydra DW-400 can be used for Duckweed Control.It is safe for Safe for fish, plants, humans, pets and wildlife.
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5. Half-Barrel Pond Page
  Ponds are a new interest of mine. I'd like to build one in my backyard some day, so I started out with a half-barrel pond on the kitchen patio, and then added another in the back yard, and now I've graduated to a few (six at the moment, but two will soon be disbursed to friends of mine) small ponds in my back yard.
Category:   Ponds Water Gardens

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